Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Get letters.....

I recently got an order for one of our RedHunterLLC Custom Predator Hunting Lights. Since I fabricate these lights myself, one at a time, the lead time is usually 6 to 8 weeks. This customer was in a real hurry though because he wanted to use the light in a predator calling contest in Texas. Unfortunately, the contest date was about two weeks from his order date. Since my "lateral beam" concept is unique, I really wanted his team to have the benefit of using it in the contest. So, I worked hard to complete the light in time to get it in his hands in time for the contest. The contest started on a Friday and UPS delivered the light to his house on Thursday afternoon. It was close, but it got there just in the nick of time. Here is a quote from the note I received from him on Monday:

“The new light worked very well. Our hunting rig drew mega attention and we got a real good opportunity to show off the new light. It impressed lots of folks. No one had seen one like it. You should get some inquiries for lights. I gave out your email. Your light worked like a dream--better than I had hoped. I will send pictures soon. Thank you so much for getting our light out to us on time for the contest. I am attempting to set up a hunt with Gerald Stewart (Johnny Stewart Game Calls) to tap on his calling experience. I will keep you posted on how that goes.”   From:  Dennis Long, Woodway, TX


I recently purchased both a Leupold and a Hawk scope for my hunting rifles. I placed the Leupold on my 30-06 and the Hawk on my 22-250, and then headed to the range. Both where zeroed at 100 yards with good results. One of the things I wanted to do was test my 100 yard zero, at a 200 yard range.

One big advantage I saw with the Hawk scope was it comes with a ballistics program that allowed me to calculate my rifle trajectory, and printed out a trajectory graph that I was able to place on the scopes flip up protective cover. This was a big plus for me since it took out all the guess work once I was one the 200 yard range. With the program I knew just where my aiming point should be to hit the 200 yard target.

The difference between the hawk and Leupold was the Hawk SR-12 reticles. I found the reticles extremely helpful once on the range. I’m not trying to say that the Leupold is not a top of the line scope but the Hawk had several features that made my old eyes work like they did 25 years ago. Also the day I went to the range there was a cross-wind of about 7 miles an hour blowing the SR-12 reticles also comes with Wind bars that proved helpful.
Again the Leupold is a top of the line scope but I had to use Kentucky windage to walk my 30-06 into the target. Since I had a good zero at 100 yards this wasn’t a hard task but it took three shoots to hit the center mass on the target as compared to the Hawk with the 22-250 first round was dead on but right, once I adjust for windage the second round was on target.  From: Robert Ison, Madison Alabama


Jeff says, ""Hey Red...thanks for the new Hawke Sidewnder 30, 4x16x50 scope. I mounted it on a Remington AR15 VTR SS varmint. I took my first shot at this dog and sent it down his kisser/see his broken lower jaw."  - Jeff Young, NY State


"I decided to try one of the RedHunter medium range cottontail mouth calls.  I bought the Mini Blaster III.  I am jazzed because no longer than 15-seconds into the stand, I called in and shot a nice gray fox.  On my next stand, I called in a nice bobcat and nailed him too.  I like this call because it’s small, easy to carry, durable and projects a nice sound.  The reed does not stick either."    From:  B. Keller, Irvine, CA

Your howler is awesome! It is the easiest to use cow horn howler I own (compared to a silver dog and a rude dog). It howls great makes a great bark. Ki-yis and yelps and whines are also very easy and very authentic sounding. I was using it last week and in conjunction with a rabbit distress call. I was using yelps and small barks and growls.
I was in a small clearing in a heavily wooded patch of land. I could hear some footsteps in the woods and a stick snapped under the foot of whatever it was out there. I could never get the critter to show itself. Where I hunt is much like hunting eastern coyotes, dense woods, thick underbrush. My weapon of choice is a Beretta 12-gauge with 3.5 magnum T-shot. They are out there because I have stirred up a pack at dusk several times but I cannot seem to get them to show themselves, I think the terrain lets them see me long before I can get a visual on them.
Back to the calls!! I could not be happier.  Yours is my go-to howler. Good call on the tactical camo finish, it's perfect for me and looks great. Thanks for touching base."  From:  Patrick Williams,Texarkana, TX

"For various reasons, I have had more trouble with electronics than I care for.  I told Fred he had caught my "hex" of bad luck with electronic players.  Since I had wanted to use Red Barbarossa's RedHunterLLC calls (the Mini version) for quite some time, I figured this would be a good opportunity to employ his product.
A couple miles up the dirt road we turned off onto a side road and set up for a new try.  Fred caught eyes in the spotlight and I got the Savage pointed in the lights direction.  The way the animal moved made me think it was a bobcat.  I followed it in my scope until I could get a good view of him.   When the Savage fired, I heard the slap of the bullet and knew the earlier target practice had paid off.  We called a little longer, and then I walked out to collect my trophy.  It was a nice bobcat.  On the scale it weighted over twenty two pounds.  We took some photos and inserted the cat into a burlap bag.  (I skinned him later at home, and put him on a stretcher).
Fred and I reversed roles; I took the spotlight and Fred toted the rifle.   The moon was down most of our calling time, which worked well for us, although the last two animals (coyotes), I called while the moon was up.  The last three stands of the night produced two coyotes.  Fred missed the first one.  The coyote may have moved just as he fired.  Although, it was my turn to shoot, I told Fred to continue as shooter as I had an animal and wanted him to bag something.  The very next stand I called in another coyote to close range. The coyote stopped, but Fred wasn't quite able to get on him.  Next the coyote moved in a semicircle around us, and Fred took a shot at the close moving target.  The shot was a miss, which was disappointing to Fred, but at least he was having a share of the action. 

The entire time (from 6PM to 1AM) I used only the Mini Blaster III, RedHunterLLC mouth call.  I liked the high pitch and was anxious to tell Red what good luck we had using his product.  In all, I called five Kit fox, a Grey fox, a bobcat, and two coyotes.  The action was spread out evenly the entire time and kept us keyed up for more fun.  I had collected my first trophy with the Savage, and called a bunch of critters with the new call."  From: Rick Macey, Lake Forest, CA

Dedicated customer service and products that do the job is what we are all about. Just the facts Jack.

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